View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map
Apprehension, excitement and nerves are the emotions juggling about on the run up week to setting off, mixed in with a focused concentration of things still yet to organise, they`re not major things, well i say not major, there`s insurance to sort out which can be done over the phone up to the day before setting off, ideally i`d like to get that sorted out asap then that`s another thing off the list, then there`s bits and bobs like copys of passport, passport photographs for visas, extra bolts for the bike, what else, a supply of vitamins,ohh and a magic letter written up into the language of the countries that don`t speak English explaining what i`m doing, just to make things that little bit easier as my other languages are very close to zilch. mental note, must look into buying a few phrase books.
Towards the end of the week on Friday is the final dose of jabs covering rabies and meningitis, arm feels like a pin cushion, have got to say the NHS staff have been amazing with helping out with info and stuff. Another good thing is PowerTraveller have supplied a sponsor donation to the ride in the form of a PowerGorilla portable charger which i`m over the moon about, will certainly make things a lot more convenient to charge up whilst on the move.

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