View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map

3 weeks to go

Stressed,who,!!..3 weeks to go and counting until i set off, weirdly time seems to have slowed down when at one point the weeks were flying by, right now it feels like slow motion amongst a mass of organised chaos of lists, equipment and people saying you`re crazzy!

where to start..
Well the past week has been spent mostly putting things in order, from organising spare bikes parts which hopefully should be here at the beginning of next week to being busy getting in touch with companies to see about equipment donations, sponsorship and putting the word out there about raising funds for the charity. A handy device called a Dazer has arrived which works when the button`s pressed sends out a high frequency signal to distract and keep wild animals at bay, Drink safe systems have also generously donated a Tap safe device and water bottle filter which should be arriving next week, which i`m sure will come in handy when bottled water is sparse. Other things i`ll have to chase up this week is a battery supply to charge things on the go and look into extra clothing after finding out the weather coming into the Stan areas is looking to be in mid winter, where`s them thermals..

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