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View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map

The bike packed..just!!

The bike just about packed with a few things getting put to one side to make room for other vital things, so that`s the solar shower out of the equation, set aside with the option that i could always jump into a river for a wash, the night before setting off felt weird i`m trying to think the best way to describe it, it was a bit like a depressing Christmas if you know what i mean, there was a slight sense of looking forward to something but not sure what, the Sunday morning came round Julie and i walked down to the train station at a fast pace rushing not miss the train, just 6000+ miles to go, once at the train station had a cup of coffee to wake up, bumped into a few friends who i had`nt seen for a while, while they waited on one platform we wait on the other, which turned out we were waiting in the north bound platform from a town 350 mile`s away north of London, can only get better!, the train arrived 20 minutes late with the previous train being cancelled so twice as many people were on the train the platform guard was shouting to get the bicycle to the end of the platform with the bags off ready to put on the train, the train pulls up, the bike has to go in seperate carriage to everything else, for some reason the guard wants to insist on me leaving the bags on the bike and the bike unlocked as they are rushed for time,it got little stressed as i told him these are my belonging for 10 months, battleground Britain.

Once we arrived at the hotel i was told it`s not possible to take the bike into the room, im not sure why , the bike was in better condition than the room itself, so after taking the bags upto the room a mission had to be plotted to sneak the bike upstairs, once the porter was looking the other way and after a few near misses the bike was upstairs safely in the room while i tried to get my head around the final packing of what & where things are.