View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map

Setting off

The sailing from Dover to Calais courtesy of DFDS Seaways, Thank you.

Setting off from Hythe heading to Dover, the main road leading to Dover was a busy dual carriageway which was raging with a 30 yard viewing distance of fog, i pulled into a layby for 45 minutes to wait until the fog lifted, it kept lifting then reappearing thicker than before, i decided to make a dash for it, heading down the dual carriageway as fast as i could, i just wanted to get off the road, it felt unsafe, the next turning i turned off it was a little bit of a longer route but came direct into Dover town.

Sunday 1st July, Morning of setting off.
Grabbed some breakfast at the hotel buffet then rushed down to Big Ben, feeling quite apprehensive and on the other hand focused with the journey in mind,Julie and i arrived there at 8.50 am, was surprisingly quiet, a few tourists dotted about, weather was nice, broken cloud with sun, perfect cycling weather i suppose, it was one thing i hoped for was nice weather to set off from London. Said goodbye to Julie then headed off in a south easterly direction,the compass is proving more important than the map itself, the map is detailed but the smaller roads are not titled which is a bit of a bugger, managed to push 43 mile`s the first day which is lower than expected, stopped at a place called 5 oaks green in what i thought was a secluded pear tree orchid until a dog popped it`s head in the tent, turned out to be a dog walking spot,had an ok nights sleep, not the best. The following day headed to Dover expecting to arrive there at 6.00 pm stopped at a cafe called Small Herb in a little town outside of Folkestone named Hythe, had a coffee got talking to the Jayne the owner and her son Graham who offered a stay at there house for the night, it felt a little strange being offered a bed to stay and food for the night as my mind was in tent camping survival mode, it`s one thing im going to have to try to adjust to is people`s generosity while on the road. Sat and chatted to Jane, Graham and Martin, Janes husband and there daughter, really nice people, i felt tired so couldn`t really function much, had a good nights sleep and a couple of slices of toast in the morning.

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