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View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map


Arriving to the border of Slovenia to take a picture a lady passed through in a car, smiled, waved, pulled up the car, dashed over and placed a pear in my hand and pointed to the border with a big smile and said Slovenia.

The crossing through Slovenia to Croatia was only 25 miles, the weather was warm, the fields green with rolling hills and beaches that gave the feeling of Spanish UK holidays in the 60`s with a touch of modern day class.


  1. Hi Rob....It was great meeting you outside the shop/market in Croatia.

    Keep up your great progress and wishing you all the best for the rest of your journey.

    Charmaine & Andy.

  2. Now then rob its mark and jodie. Sounds like ur doing really well and having a class time mate. keep the posts coming we're enjoying keeping track of what your getting up to. its also pleasing to hear your sampling the fruits of the local ladies haha :) take care rob xx

  3. Hey Rob!

    Was inspired to meet you outside the bakery in Sarajevo! Keep going and I'll go to the giving site when I'm back in the uk.

    Keep throwing the rocks at the stray dogs!!!

    Jyoti and Trine, Leicester, UK