View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map


Coming into Croatia from Slovenia there was a steady flow of cars crossing over the border, Aurillian and Joffrey the two hitch hikers from France who i`d met earlier had got a lift ahead to the border where they were getting passport checks, a few miles of cycling in Croatia felt like the dusty hot heat and newly tarmacked roads of the Mediterranean, the temperature was a big difference from Italy and gradually higher than Slovenia, getting used to the heat was a bit of a push, at one point 35 miles of cycling was feeling like 70 miles, after 5 days it started to feel like weathering had kicked in.

Cycling through Croatia gave this false sense of my own planning at times, along the tourist coastline could well have been Spain, moving more in land through small villages and towns felt more like the original Croatia with people going about their day to day business, glancing at an English guy cycling through with a ton of stuff loaded on a bicycle.

Croatia has this stigma in the UK that it`s a poorer country, though because it`s cheaper than some countries should`nt make it any less different, there`s lots of new cars on the roads, Croatia seems to be this country of what living within means is about a beautiful place.

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