View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map


Italy seems this cool calm place with an undercurrant of where 75 year old men muscle in if your chatting to a woman in their vicinity.
Coming down the otherside of the Nufenen pass in Switzerland to the nearest city Bellinzona could well have been Italy, it felt like Italy, people were speaking Italian, looking Italain, there were lots of shop signs advertising pizzeria, still had 55 miles to go to arrive to Italy.
Arriving at the border was merely a turn of a corner and there was Italy with a steady flow of cars crossing over, it was 7.00pm a storm brewing so was a bit of a rush passing through, with no passport checks, once into Italy it was good to buy a couple of oranges and a nectarine for the price of one euro fifty, heading into Como it was getting late and wanted to get to the outskirts of the city to find a camp spot before darkness, pushing on east uphill to Erba where i spotted a campsite so stopped there for the night and caught up with the 3 week old washing that was starting to Sing out of tune rather than hum.

Cycling across north Italy was nice steady cycling, nice roads, with getting the hang of the road signing being a bit of a problem, Breische sign posted 29km away then following the direction of the sign to come to another sign saying Breische 34 km, that day did an extra 25 mile cycling of a scenic route, the north of Italy was quite flat just over from the alps and was some what becoming gradually warmer the further east.

The Italians seem to have this great sense of when drifting off out of focus when riding, to beep their horn or give the thumbs up.
On the warm nights camping, sometimes the tent`s not been needed though probably would helped to keep the midgies at bay.

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