View From Here To There By Bicycle in a larger map
View From Here to There By Bicycle in a larger map
Camping in the tourist coast of Split i was in two minds whether to go as originally planned east to Bosnia and Serbia or carry on south east to Albania, Montenegro, Greece then onto Bulgaria, it was mainly being swayed by hearing other poeple travelling that way saying how the area was more like Croatia but untouched from tourism. The decision was on, something was telling me if i did`nt go originally planned to Bosnia & Serbia, i`d regret it and feel i would let visiting these countries down, having two days rest in Croatia i set off east to Bosnia, not really knowing what to expect apart from what the western European media hysteria had produced about these countries.

Arriving to the border of Bosnia and crossing over things did start to feel more original in an ordinary way of living way, people were sitting outside coffee shops sipping coffee, i had been warned earlier in Croatia, when drinking coffee in Bosnia to drink it slowly, taking up to an hour or more to drink a small cup, drinking coffee fast as being the biggest insult, asking is there any more customs i should know, no, just don`t drink coffee fast, this was the only thing stopping me from having a cup early in the morning, not to be unsociable, just had in mind to get to Mostar and find my way around there.

Arriving into Mostar hand on heart, was a shock, modern looking high rise buildings built within the new part of the town were sprayed with gunfire, looking at bullet holes then looking at the people walking around something didnt seem to fit right, from a war that was what 17 years ago people were living like any other city or town, there were shops, restaurants, cafe bars,
Bosnia feels like a country with a strong heart and a balance of determination.

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